Galantamine - Alzheimer's Information

Galantamine: restores memory
Galantamine is the safest and most effective agent for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease   continued

Galantamine: Memory Enhancement 
Twenty-five years ago, researchers discovered that people with Alzheimer's disease suffered sharp declines in their brain levels of the important messenger molecule acetylcholine   continued

GalantaMind: may help stave off Dementia
Dementia is a progressive loss of memory accompanied by significant impairment in other areas of mental function or behavior. There are over 60 different causes of dementia       continued

Galantamine: Boost Memory & Keep It
  Researchers at Israel's Weizmann Institute recently published an elucidation of the mechanism by which galantamine blocks the action of a brain enzyme involved in Alzheimer's disease. continued

Galantamine: Food for Mind & Body
What would you think of a small, white flower that contained a substance that could enable you to experience improved memory and muscle function, to counteract jet lag, to combat fatigue, and even, perhaps, to overcome impotence?    

Research abstracts
  Galantamine: its use in Alzheimer's
  Galantamine: in Alzheimer's patients
Galantamine: benefits to Alzheimer's patients
  Galantamine: a study in Alzheimer's  
  Galantamine: its effects on Alzheimer's  
Galantamine: therapeutic effects beyond cognitition
acetylcholinesterase inhibition

Galantamine fights Alzheimer's
    In the 1950s, a Bulgarian pharmacologist noticed that villagers rubbed their foreheads with the snowdrop plant to ease nerve pain. Further investigation found a snowdrop extract called galantamine       continued

Galantamine: the Old Become Young
As we age, it becomes harder to learn new things and commit them to memory. One explanation for this is the deterioration of the brain's  continued

Galantamine Rescues Brain Cells
      According to a study of 653 Alzheimer's disease patients published in the British Medical Journal, the herbal supplement galantamine "appears to slow the progression and is "safe and effective."  continued

Galantamine: beats Prescription Drugs 
Galantamine is different from donepezil (Aricept®) and rivastigmine (Exelon®) in one important way continued

Galantamine: helps save Memory
Galantamine is used in treating
Alzheimer's disease because of its ability   continued

Galantamine: opens your Memory
   The secret of galantamine's success lies in your brain's nicotinic receptors.  continued

Research abstracts
  Galantamine: a new treatment for Alzheimer's
nicotinic receptors in Alzheimer's 
  Galantamine: effect on nicotinic receptor binding
  Galantamine: an allosterically potentiating ligant
  Galantamine: nicotinic modulation in older rabbits
  Galantamine: effect on memory & nicotinic receptors
  Galantamine: a 6 month Alzheimer's study
  Galantamine: a 6 month study

Galantamine side effectsNausea, diarrhea, stomach pain, indigestion, weight loss. If side effects are experienced, reduce the dosage and build up to the recommended dosage. Studies show after one has taken galantamine for a longer time period, side effects will subside.

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