Deprenyl Alzheimer's research               
       Deprenyl   improves the performance of patients with Alzheimer's disease
       Deprenyl   in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
CDP Choline Alzheimer's research        !    
       CDP choline  may be useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's
       CDP choline  significant improvement after 1 month in early-onset Alzheimer's
       CDP choline  effects on cognition in patients with Alzheimer's
       CDP choline  significant improvement in Alzheimer's after 1 month  
       CDP choline  improved mental performance in Alzheimer's
Piracetam Alzheimer's research                
       Piracetam  improved alertness in Alzheimer's patients
       Piracetam  improved cerebral glucose metabolism in Alzheimer's patients
       Piracetam  use in Alzheimer's
       Piracetam  therapy in Alzheimer's
       Piracetam  a one year study of Alzheimer's patients 
Vinpocetine Alzheimer's research               
       Vinpocetine  enhances oxygen release in vascular dementia  . 
Idebenone Alzheimer's research                 
       Idebenone  versus Tacrine in Patients with Alzheimer's disease
       Idebenone  efficacy of idebenone in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
       Idebenone  Nerve Growth Factor synthesis stimulators in Alzheimer's disease
       Idebenone  in the treatment of dementia of the Alzheimer type
       Idebenone  cognitive enhancement therapy for Alzheimer's disease
       Idebenone  study in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
       Idebenone  two year study indicates idebenone slows Alzheimer's progression
       Idebenone  stimulates NGF synthesis in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
Pyritinol Alzheimer's research                         
       pyritinol  improved cognition in 100 dementia patients
       pyritinol  produced significant improvement in 40 dementia patients
       pyritinol  had therapeutic effect on 156 senile dementia patients
       pyritinol  improved cognitive performance in 26 dementia patients
       pyritinol  improved cerebral glucose metabolism in dementia
Galantamine Alzheimer's research        
       Galantamine  efficacy of galantamine in dementia and Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  for Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  novel approach to the treatment of Alzheimer disease
       Galantamine  maintaining cognitive function in Alzheimer disease
       Galantamine  maintaining functional abilities in Alzheimer disease
       Galantamine  a new Alzheimer disease drug with a past life
       Galantamine  treating vascular dementia with galantamine
       Galantamine  rationale for switching from donepezil to galantamine
       Galantamine  switching previous therapies for Alzheimer's disease to galantamine
       Galantamine  effects of galantamine in patients previously treated with donepezil
       Galantamine  its use in Alzheimer's
       Galantamine  a new treatment for Alzheimer's
       Galantamine  benefits to Alzheimer's patients
       Galantamine  efficacy in mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  effects on the course of Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  a 5 month Alzheimer's study
       Galantamine  effects in patients previously treated with donepezil
       Galantamine  a six month Alzheimer's study
       Galantamine  therapeutic effects beyond cognition in Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  cognitive function in Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  maintains cognitive function for at least 1 year
       Galantamine  increase the density of brain nicotinic receptors
       Galantamine  treatment for mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease.
       Galantamine  may be effective as a cognition-enhancer in Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  differs from other acetylcholine esterase inhibitors
       Galantamine  safety and tolerability
       Galantamine  dual mode of action for Alzheimer's disease
       Galantamine  provides benefits for Alzheimer's for up to six months


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Get Smart brain formula
        ingredients in 2 capsules
Aniracetam 782 mg    improves communication between the 2 brain hemispheres
Centrophenoxine 366 mg    raises brain acetylcholine levels
CDP Choline 200 mg    iraises brain acetylcholine levels
Gastrodin 150 mg    regenerates brain function - increases brain blood flow
Oxiracetam 40 mg    raises brain acetylcholine levels
Idebenone 24 mg   raises brain neurotransmitter levels - increases brain Nerve Growth Factor
Noopept 12 mg    similar to piracetam-aniracetam only stronger
Vinpocetine 4 mg    increases circulation to the brain
Galantamine 400 mcg    prolongs brain acetylcholine levels
Huperzine A 200 mcg    prolongs brain acetylcholine levels


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