The influence of the administration of pyritinol on the clinical course of traumatic coma.

Dalle Ore G, Bricolo A, Alexandre A.

J Neurosurg Sci 1980 Jan-Mar;24(1):1-8


(1) In a total of 100 patients with traumatic coma who were admitted to the intensive care unit of our Department of Neurosurgery we examined the effect of pyritinol after intravenous administration. 

(2) Compared to patients with the same clinico-neurological conditions who were, however, not treated with pyritinol, the cases treated by the preparation did not show any significant clinical improvement. Moreover, in the pyritinol group mortality rate in patients with an unfavourable prognosis sank to 35.3% (mortality rate in the comparative group: 54.2%). 

(3) Untoward effects on the clinico-neurological condition, cortical electrogenesis, vegetative functions and body fluid parameters were not observed after administration of the preparation

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