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"I can drive and read the newspaper now."





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Parents have recently discovered something that is having immediate benefit for their children with autism spectral disorder.  click to read


Serrapeptase Silkworm enzyme

"After two weeks of using the Serrapeptase a persistent pain in the left side of my neck for 6 months, has noticeably decreased."

"I have 3 different nerve diseases which cause me a lot of pain. I ordered a bottle of serrapeptase and within 24 hours I felt a lot better.  I couldn't believe the difference.  I was living on Vioxx but with the serrapeptase I was able to reduce the Vioxx to only twice a week."

"In my younger years I rode and trained race horses and was injured several times once breaking my neck and I'm still here to talk about it now in my older years. My right hip, neck, shoulders and general body have developed muscular skeletal determination. I have been in pain for so long I can't remember when I wasn't until now.  My doctor asked me to take serrapeptase hoping to get me off Celebrex and to keep me from going on narcotics for relief of my pain. I took three serrapeptase yesterday three this morning and three more just a while ago. The pain I have felt for so long is gone. I can run and walk without pain of any kind."

"Five years ago I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis. I was unable to walk without a cane and they said I needed an operation. I didnít let them operate but the symptoms kept getting worse.  Iíve been taking serrapeptase for 3 months and the pain has subsided markedly. I can now walk without a cane but I still carry it with me just in case."

"Serrapeptase is better than a cortisone shot. I have tennis elbow and I used to have to take cortisone shots.  Now the pain in my elbow, knees, wrists, and ankles is gone. I started with 4 tablets 3 times daily then I reduced to 3 tablets 3 times daily. If I take less than that I notice some pain in my joints. My ankle swelling is gone now and it looks like someone else with skinny ankles is wearing my shoes. My hemorrhoid disappeared. It had been my friend for 30 years but I don't miss it one bit. Also my blood pressure is down 10 points. I think serrapeptase is great."        
                              1 bottle  $17.99
                               6 bottles $84
                             12 bottles $120